OctaFX Copytrading offers an opportunity to automatically copy leading traders and forget about long hours of building your own trading strategy. Choose from the best Masters of Forex and diversify your trading portfolio.

The most profitable traders to follow - Stable income from a diversified portfolio

How It Works

Create an account and make a deposit

Sign up in one easy step and make a deposit to your Wallet via any payment method you like. If you already have funds in your trading account at OctaFX, you can add money to your Wallet from it using Internal Transfer. Your Wallet balance shows your uninvested funds.

Follow the best traders

Find Masters you want to follow and click ‘Copy’. Their positions will be copied automatically. The deposit percentage setting will help you manage your portfolio. Try copying different strategies to decide which of them work best for you!

Monitor and profit!

With an unlimited number of Masters to copy you can create a balanced and diversified trading portfolio and receive a stable income. You also have full control over the process and can modify/stop copying trades at any given time. You can view detailed trading statistics for copied Master Traders in your Copier Area.

This is a new tool that helps traders earn additional stable income by copying more experienced traders.


How do I choose Master Traders to copy?

Master stats include gain and number of copiers, commission, trading pairs the Master uses, profit factor and order directions as well as many other factors that you can review before making your decision to copy someone. Before copying starts, you set a deposit percentage and choose the amount of funds to invest in a specific Master.

How does copying work in terms of volume and leverage differences?

The volume of the copied trade depends on both Master and Copier accounts’ leverage and equity, and is calculated as: Volume (copied trade) = Equity (Copier)/Equity (Master) × Leverage (Copier)/Leverage (Master) × Volume(Master).

Example: Master Account equity is $500 and leverage is 1:200, Copier account equity is $200 and leverage is 1:100. 1 lot trade is opened on the Master account. The volume of the copied trade will be: 200/500 × 100/200 × 1 = 0.2 lot.

Do you charge any commission for copying Masters?

doesn’t charge any additional commissions—the only commision you pay is Master’s commission, which is specified individually and is charged in $ per lot of traded volume.

What is a deposit percentage?

Deposit percentage is an option that you set prior to copying that helps you to control your risks. It can equal any percentage from 1% to 100%. You set this parameter and new trades won’t be copied if the current equity goes down by a set amount (20%) from your balance according to the following formula:

Equity (Copier) < (100% – Deposit Percentage) × Balance (Copier).

You can modify it while copying of the master is active.

Can I stop copying the Master?

You can unsubscribe from the Master Trader and stop copying the trades at any moment. When you unsubscribe, all funds invested in the Master, and any profit from copying return back to your Wallet.

Before unsubscribing, please make sure all current trades are closed.

Start as a Master and receive stable income

The growing list of OPEC members seeking exemptions from a planned supply cut has investors seeing future price drops.

Bets Are On for Oil Prices to Slump Again

Even the most pessimistic estimates for demand growth see 1.2 million b/d this year and next. ... With low oil prices causing massive cutbacks in spending on new ... the result of record high oil prices (10X increase over 10 years) and the ... be with such lightning speed that it could upend the market again”.

When oil prices fall and oil-price volatility increases, the floodgates of capital open. ... and global economic concerns about Chinese growth and oil demand. ... and only spends twice what it earns–among the best of a bad lot.

Oil Industry About To Be Burned Again By Fall In Oil Prices

Oil price falls as US crude stocks surge to all-time high .... report later today is expected to show crude reserves rose again last week, by 3.2 million barrels. .... by data showing an increase in drilling in the US shale oil sector to take advantage of the oil price rebound. .... Netflix UK: The best box sets of 2017.

No one will care of what I think, as well as no one will care even of what Obama, or Holland, ... If so, what will be the factors pushing this price increase? ... What's the probability of oil prices rebounding to $100 per barrel in 2016 or in the near future? ... I wouldn't bet on that rebound going much beyond $70, but then, I didn't ...

Crude Oil Prices Predictions

Top policy makers around the world are betting plummeting oil prices will lead to an overall boost in the global economy. WSJ's Ian Talley and ...

- Oil prices reversed course again on Tuesday, with both contracts dropping ... on slowing economic growth in the world's largest commodity importer. ... a near 50 per cent increase since January — driven by new investor cash ...

Investors sharply increased their bullish bets on oil in the wake of OPEC's proposed deal to cut supply, even as analysts expressed skepticism ...

Hedge funds and other money managers increased their net long position — the surplus of bets for a price increase over bets for a fall — in the ...

In fact I firmly believe that crude oil prices are going to remain depressed for ... on the eventual price stabilization and increase in this commodity's price. ... outpace supply, and then the price of oil will again be too high for our liking. ... The question I get the most from clients is “what's the best way to buy oil?

The world economy: Who's afraid of cheap oil? | The Economist

Oil has wrong-footed our leading experts—again. ... a long-time oil prophet who made a big bet starting in 2014 that oil prices were going .... for the US, but it would drive a full percentage point increase in global GDP by 2016, ...

Hedge funds establish near-record bullish bet on rising oil prices: Kemp ... Hedge funds are betting growing consumption and shrinking oil output ... so far (probably too far) that they must increase again in the medium term.

Four Ways To Invest In The Eventual Rise In Oil Prices

The price of oil, or the oil price, generally refers to the spot price of a barrel of benchmark crude ... In the middle of 2014, price started declining due to a significant increase in oil production in USA, and ... It again reached a peak of c. ... supply and demand factors provide the best explanation for the crude oil price increases.

The average oil price last week came in at 45 dollars per barrel, ... a matter of excess supply — that growing demand would drive prices up again. .... scale like a large power plant, LNG pretty much beats coal in every regard.

Why oil prices are going up and will continue to go up

Oil prices are going up as oil supply and demand are approaching a more ... In the meantime demand is still growing, despite the expansion of ... supply and demand are getting more into balance again. ... shale oil sector with increased focus on the best plays and the best sweet spots within these plays.

Changes in gasoline and diesel prices mirror changes in crude oil prices. ... rise again but unrest in the Middle East and North Africa has put supplies at risk. ... of rising demand and reduced supply helped to push prices higher over the last few years. However, the recent downturn in prices was the result of the growth in oil ...

Should I Invest In Oil Stocks? Learn About Oil Price Fundamentals

A bounce in oil prices and rising confidence in forecasts that the industry's supply glut ... "As oil prices rise, which we think they will, the best section to be in is .... Revenue growth is forecast at 48% this year and 47% in 2017. .... year when oil prices rose, only to come crashing down again in October after ...

Black gold, paper barrels and oil price bubbles Daniel O'Sullivan. Traders know full ... So he tried it, he took a $600 bet and it ... Oil actually closed at $99.62 on January 2 2008, but the very next day it once again breached $100, trading at $100.09 intraday. ... By 2007, it had reached 7.9mbpd, a 49% increase in five years

Oil Price Rise Puts These U.S. Stocks In Position To Profit | Stock .

Latest news on oil prices, fracking, drilling, refining, and processing for gas. ... OPEC reports record compliance with output cuts, raises 2017 oil demand growth forecast ... US leads 'significant increase' in global economic confidence: Survey ... Get the best of CNBC in your inbox ... Please create your account again.

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